May. 30th, 2007

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I first found out about the debacle being referred to as "Strikethrough 2007" from [ profile] ebee; I don't monitor many communities that have been affected, so I wasn't aware SixApart/Livejournal had started purging accounts that a third party group thinks may be offensive.

I'm not at all involved in fandoms or writing fictional stories that are likely to be deleted, but I have used this journal in the past to talk about actual child and sexual abuse. Some of the abuse happened to me as a child and some of the abuse I discuss happened to a former parishioner's child. I am, obviously, not advocating that these reprehensible activities continue simply by talking about them or listing them in my interests.

I've also used the journal to network with people who are interested in kinky activities between consensual adults; neither of those things are illegal, nor is listing them in my interests. I'm interested in talking with people who also like BDSM. I'm interested in talking to people who've survived rape and child molestation. Why? Because child molestation, rape, and abuse are all things that have personally affected my life either because I've been abused or been very close to someone who has. I have a right to talk about them without someone who can't even read my journal, because they don't have an account, making a baseless assumption.

SixApart is, in many cases, deleting the journals of users who either use their journals to talk about surviving rape, molestation, child abuse, and consensual activities between adults and thusly treating them like they're soliciting those things. This does little more than vex Livejournal users and showcase the absolute hebetude of SixApart's legal staff.

Having worked with law enforcement and government agencies to deal with child abusers, I do feel compelled to say that the so-called 'Warriors for Innocence' are the worst sort of vigilante organization--an organization whose tactics cause more harm than help. These people aren't Perverted Justice or other reputable 'online policing' groups. Their tactics instead drive actual offenders underground. I'm sure WFI had really great intentions when they went to LJ with their concerns, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I'm personally vexed with LJ/SixApart largely for heeding the advice of a group like WFI, but I'm not the sort to make any rash decisions. SixApart owes the community an explanation and an apology, at least in my opinion. I'm going to let this thing take its course and make a decision afterward. I wont be buying any paid time until SixApart has released a statement, at least. I was going to treat myself to a year of paid time, or possibly a permanent account if I could manage, in June, but we'll see.


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