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My day consisted of getting up before noon to take my cat to the Vet; I had to euthanize the cat. I did not plan to have to do that, but I did.

As I'm in the middle of a move, there are no plans to acquire a replacement Mr. Cat in the near future. I don't anthropomorphize my pets, so I'm not having significant emotional issues. People around me are amazed by this. I liked Mr. Cat. I'm sad Mr. Cat is no longer here to type for me when I can't be bothered or to annoy me in the early hours of the morning because he wants breakfast immediately, but Mr. Cat is not on the same level as a family member or loved one.

Pandora, formerly known as The Other Cat, is deleriously happy. She seems to have realized that she no longer has competition and proceeded to tell me this by doing something she hasn't ever done before and sitting on my lap.

I'm slightly cranky, because it cost me more to euthanize Mr. Cat than it would have if I needed to start treating him for a kidney infection (which is what I thought he had).

On the other hand, I found a dozen spiral bound notebooks for $.25 each (compared to $1.99-2.99); I now have my notetaking material needs covered for at least this term, if not a few months of Spring.


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