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I have a year and a summer before I need to figure out what I'm doing; less if I consider the fact that I've got to do the GRE or LSAT and get applications off to programs of interest. So, here are the options I've come up with...

1. M.Ed. in College Student Personnel/Higher Ed. Admin - USF, Barry, UNC-G, Vanderbilt, and a bunch of other schools throughout the country offering degrees. Ideally, I'd like to do the degree at USF; it would mean less interruption for Loryn and I wouldn't have to seriously ponder taking a two year break while she finishes her BA.

I think, given my experiences with Student Affairs and Residence Life, I would definitely enjoy the types of jobs the degree would qualify me for, and the salary isn't bad to start out with either, especially in residence life.

2. The J.D. - People have encouraged me to apply to law school for years, but I'm not certain if it's really my thing. I might apply to a few anyhow and see if I get accepted. My temperament seems like it would suit law, providing I did something I enjoyed (on the constitutional/federal/criminal tracks). I couldn't live with myself doing personal injury or insurance. FSU, Stetson, and U. Miami are all decent in-state options. I'd prefer FSU if I decided to go the J.D. route. It's an excellent program at a public university, which is good for tuition. Plus Loryn wouldn't mind an excuse to transfer to FSU anyhow, so it would work out rather well for both of us.

3. M.A. in Community College Teaching - UCF

I've come to the realization that I probably don't want to do the Ph.D thing, at least not with all the politics and research funding hassles, but I do think I'd enjoy teaching college students. UCF has what looks to be a good program, and the courses are mostly offered online; online courses would make it much easier for me to work in St. Pete,given that I'm not likely to medically qualify for a driving license any time soon. Humanities/English would be a decent combination, and CC's seem to hire for those just as much as the math & science types.

4. Masters in Library Science - I'd probably make a decent librarian; I enjoy working in libraries and information strategies are right up my alley. Both USF and FSU have good LIS programs, but I'm not sure how enjoyable it would be for me to be a librarian at this stage. Friends of mine who are librarians think I'd love it, though.

5. M.A. in Anthropology or Folklore or related field - I don't really have the science background, at the moment, to pursue the biological anthropology programs I'm most interested in, and given the severe dyscalculia, I have a very hard time with the math pre-reqs to get into the necessary science courses, so I don't think it's going to happen in the near enough future.

6. The Job - It might involve putting off grad school for a year or two. USF and SPC like to hire BA's for their staff/administrative assistant type positions, and there are other possibilites out there with an anthropology degree. It's not impossible to find a decent job in the area.

Options 1 and 3 combined with some form of option 6 seem like the most suitable. I really want to investigate the CC teaching programs further.
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