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Either the Higher Ed/CSA degree or the Community College teaching MA are the two degrees I'm most strongly considering right now. I think I would find the most fulfillment in the types of careers I could have with these degrees.

1. CC Teaching MA - I enjoy teaching, based on what little experience I have with it, and I'm hoping to use the experience with Dr. Dixon this coming fall to see just how much I enjoy college teaching. I've given several lectures for various professors at SPC, and I enjoy that aspect, but I've never had to grade papers or exams or do any of the various other things instructors do. The CC approach to higher education is very appealing to me. The focus is on teaching; you're not required to publish or perish. Research is something you can do because you genuinely want to do it.

2. Higher Ed/CSA MA/M.Ed - I really enjoy working in residential life, at least on the paraprofessional level, and I'm currently exploring opportunities for more experience in residential life (like the ACUHO-I internship and convincing the RHO director to let me do internship-like things there). I might end up moving more into a counseling/advising role later on if I did this.

I'm also not looking at this as the only career I'm going to have. I could be in either of these fields for as little as 5 years or for my entire career if I decide I enjoy them that much, but both degrees would give me career mobility if I wanted it, and there would always be the option of an Ed.D or a Ph.D if I did decide to get involved with the Research I rat race.


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