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Jun. 21st, 2006 09:30 pm
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So, my computer is off to pay a visit to a Dell service depot, because it is misbehaving beyond my ability to repair it (e.g. I've used it like a desktop for two straight years and some hardware needs replacing); therefore, I happen to be borrowing the parental types rarely used computer for a week or so, while mine is repaired.

The biggest change? Using Windows XP. I'm primarily a Linux user, and I've been spoiled by XFCE (lately it has been KDE) with multiple desktops and differing background images for each desktop. All that said, Windows XP isn't exactly unstable, so I haven't had any complaints.

In other, more important news, the University opened a 'residential facility' which features rather pleasant apartments for old, crochety people like myself. In the interest of saving myself a 2.5+ hour commute (each way) during the week, and attempting to experience something akin to a slightly more 'normal' University life, I've decided to lease one. Leasing an apartment isn't a particularly new thing for me, but living with housemates certainly will be. I've never really liked having housemates, but I don't have much of a choice, and it might actually prove to be a positive experience.

My advisor still thinks it's amusing that I might want to pursue an MSW in the next couple of years. As per usual, she lauged and said "Well, you're certainly cantankerous enough for the job."


May. 22nd, 2006 08:13 pm
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I went by the college library to return some slightly over due books from last term (seeing a s I transfered to another institution for the Autumn term, they're loathe to let me keep them over the summer holiday). I returned the books, and then decided to bimble over to the local CompUSA.

As the Pre-N networking gear is relatively recent, the prices on the 802.11g gear are quite a lot lower than they were just a few weeks ago. I figure that now would be a very good time to upgrade my limping 802.11b wireless router, and because it was only $39, I decided to get a "Super G"/G+ wireless NIC to go with it (802.11g is only rated at 54mbps).

The router was refurbished, so I thought there might be some issues there, but it works fine. Surprisingly, the Super G NIC doesn't want to connect to any wireless network at any speed. The router is the same brand as the NIC and, yes, it's supposed to work with Super G cards. It doesn't. It's getting returned.
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According to this ZDNet UK article, the government of the United Kingdom has proposed a law which could, and will (if passed), make it more difficult for system administrators, and network engineers to er... actually do their jobs.

And I thought paranoia was bad in the United States.

Although, I do agree that using Perl is a criminal offense.
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This is the obligatory "I'm slightly more than tipsy but not drunk" LJ post. I had a lovely evening with friends. The best part, I suppose, came with the bill. "That's only a gold card? What?" when someone decided to pay the bill because he's a stereotypical Arab with plenty of money from Oil and his father's platinum card.

Life is good.


May. 2nd, 2006 03:50 pm
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Finished the final Spanish presentation and ended up going out with friends for drinks afterwords... haven't gone out for drinks in a long time... I think the last time was a pub in Caterbury, if memory serves. Life has taken on a distinctly pleasant tone.

<3 alcohol in moderation.
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I seem to spend most of my time in airports bimbling. I got to Philadelphia International only to find my flight to Allentown delayed 25 minutes. So, I spent $7.95 to amuse myself on the internets on my laptop for a while. I wanted to bimble in Tampa where the internet access is free, but my laptop battery decided to die after five minutes, with a full charge.

I've heard, "We're safe, because there's a priest on the plane/in my general vacinity/god wont let the A-rabs blow us up with him here" quite a few times today.

Little do they know I'm a godless heretic.
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How is it possible to sleep over eight hours and wake up feeling absolutely exhausted?

Fibromyalgia, that's how. I feel drained and exhausted... like I've just run five miles and like I need to sleep for a week.
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No sólo de pan vive el hombre
Y no de excusas vivo yo.
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Caring like you do about people you meet is not only dumb, it's dangerous.


Your Ego
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Got to love my uni and logic...

"We have to schedule this exam early so our Jewish students wont be inconvenienced and unable to attend worship services."

I'm all for freedom of religion and reasonable accommodation, but making me get out of bed at 6:00AM on a Saturday so you can go bang your tamborine at your local synagogue later is a bit much.
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The preparation of the quintessence of gentlemanly beverages can be described only in like terms. A mint julep is not a product of a formula. It is a ceremony and must be performed by a gentleman possessing a true sense of the artistic, a deep reverence for the ingredients and a proper appreciation of the occasion. It is a rite that must not be entrusted to a novice, a statistician nor a Yankee. It is a heritage of the Old South, and emblem of hospitality, and a vehicle in which noble minds can travel together upon the flower-strewn paths of a happy and congenial thought.

That which the mint julep represents is one of the many reasons I, despite a profusion of crazed neo-conservatives, enjoy living in the southern United States and why I have absolutely no interest in living in a place like this (or South St. Petersburg, for that matter).
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It's raining outside with plenty of thunder and lightning.... :)
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From the "News of the Batshit Insane" Department...

I don't know why they let this guy froth and foam all over their paper, but they did. At least they put it in the right section.

Here's my precis:

Another belief-based religion says something different from mine! *high pitched scream* ZOMG! How can anyone have a different opinion? ZOMG! *quivering* I R teh scared. If I are teh wrong, the Flying Spaghetti Monster will punish me! Panic!
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Strange to see what a difference a few weeks can make, how quickly it's possible to go from being comfortable with someone to debating whether or not saying hello is even a good idea.
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Dear Parental Types,

I do not appreciate having my home filled with smoke at 9:30 in the morning when I previously asked you please not to go ahead with your newage "cleansing ritual" while I was present. It's not that I doubt the efficacy of white sage in dispelling psychic unpleasantries from a space, or even that I generally object to the bastardization of another culture's spiritual practices for newage purposes, but I do have asthma. Thick, cloying smoke in an unventillated space and asthma do not mix. Feeling my bronchial passages slowly constrict was not a pleasant way to begin the day.

Further, I spoke to you yesterday about not going through with this "cleansing ritual" while I was home and asked you not to do so. When I awoke this morning and you exclaimed "We were waiting for you" in a voice not unlike Linda Blair in The Exorcist, I once again asked you not to go through with your "ritual", and before my teacup even had a chance to cool... my room and study, which need to remain generally smoke free, were full of smoke.

To tell me that you didn't think about the fact that I have asthma when I twice asked you not to do something is of little comfort. To tell me that I'm being a "bad sport" because I object to "unChristian practices" being used in my home (which if you took the time to actually talk with me, you'd find is not the case) is rather vexing.

-Justin, can't have any more albuterol today.
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Been an interesting (I seem to be using that word a lot lately) if quiet few days, mostly featuring catching up with friends, work, and personal admin type stuff.

A good friend has decided to rejoin ye olde armed forces, and while I'd like to kick him in the ass a time or two, I'll settle for wishing him good luck and possibly sending porn in the mail in hopes of getting him discharged from the service (kidding).

I'm mulling over the possibility of a friends purge, real-life as opposed to LJ, seeing as most of the people I know are not LJ-friendly.
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Or "A brief synopsis of my trip to the Other Side of the Pond."

Thursday - Argue with American Express as to whether or not they're going to fulfill their promise to replace lost funds within 24 hours and see that I have the £600 I was promised. Eventually, I won. Finished packing, said goodbye to wenchly types, went to airport. Spent 12 hours onboard various planes.

Friday - Arrived at Heathrow an hour later than expected where I met [ profile] ebee and her housemate Vicky, who was apparently designed to be some sort of tribulation but was really quite lovely. Met Ebee's dogs. Arrived in Canterbury, deposited bags, changed, and met Ebee's Rainbows er... cohort at a restuarant themed after Florida after which I was subjected to a Pantomime. Scary.

Saturday - Bimbled around Canterbury, did shopping, procured insanely cheap (£15) mobile phone, had a pasty. Did a botched up job of wrapping presents, met Ebee's employer and two children, had tea, was quizzed on sharks, Florida, and that sort of thing. Later at Westgate Weatherspoons met [ profile] ranalf_lj and [ profile] djara again. Insanely late voyage to London.

Sunday - Awoken via "fnord pounce," went to Camden, met [ profile] peronel, [ profile] absinthecity, and (briefly) [ profile] queen_of_darts. Later haggled over a spiffy pair of boots which I may or may not keep.

Monday - Met another of Ebee's Kentwell acquaintances and a fellow who doesn't yet believe in LJ.

Tuesday - London Dungeon and bus tour. St. Paul's Cathedral. I think they delighted in charging £8 to let a priest walk into a church... found the practice rather distasteful. It was, however, pretty.

Wednesday - Went to Atlantis, a charming little occult boosktore. Ebee and I met up with [ profile] absinthecity and [ profile] happyuncledave at the British Museum where we oogled collections of artifacts cheerfully looted from various parts of the world. Had a pancake, tea, and an exorcism-related discussion while Ebee and Abigail watched in mild fascination... I think they were waiting for half-nekkid exorcist mud-wrestling... unfortunately a members-only event. Had [ profile] happyuncledave's abridged tour of London, continued discussing "trade" related matters and case history with Dave... completed discussion at Abigail's favorite pub over alcoholic beverages and Indian takeaway... got beat by Ebee at connect four (and then beat her, which was greeted by pouting and sulking... cute, really).

Eveningwards... met Ebee's mother and step-father.

Thursday - Continued to experience life with Ebee's parental types, did some bimbling, and procured a few Christmas gifts. Had a meal in a charming recreation of an American diner circa the 1950's.

Friday - Said goodbye to Ebee, went to airport. Got to New York far too late to do anything, so slept instead.

Saturday - Back to JFK for the flight home. Watched my mother walk past me twice while I waited to see if she'd recognize me. Quickly remembered how to speak Southern, inhaled pleasantly humid salty air on the way to the car.


By way of reflection, it ways an enjoyable vacation in many respects, but also incredibly uncomfortable and emotionally draining in others.
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Been an interesting time in England so far. I'm enjoying usable mass transit (well, usable in comparison to my area of FL, anyhow), and it's a bit odd to reach into my pocket and realize I've actually got a fair bit in coinage, with the 1 & 2 GBP coins loitering therein.

I've become convinced of the efficacy of electric kettles and coins in the $1 to $2 range... seriously, they're quite spiffy and quite a lot more durable than notes...
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I never leave home without American Express.

I don't have access to WMD.

Generally, I <3 my Amex card; I use it to pay for all sorts of spiffy things, because I just pay the balance off at the end of the month.

However, I ordered a Traveler's Cheque Card from American Express so I'd have currency amount ) without worrying about conversion fees while I'm bimbling about in England for a week.

It was promised by today at the latest; it didn't arrive today. I've spent the past two hours on the phone arguing with one Indian fellow with a nice Anglo name after another as to whether or not they're going to do something before I implode, and their response is that today hasn't technically ended and I should wait until tomorrow.

Good news: I don't have a pre-set spending limit, so I can spend as much as I'd like. I'm not going to have to worry about money anymore than I normally would.

Bad news: I don't currently have the currency amount ) I spent on the card, because American Express is still insisting "We're confident it will arrive today or tomorrow." I also want to do nasty things to American Express' Traveler's Cheque division.


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