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Apparently, Sprint PCS has decided it would be really, really cool if we can send text messages to fixed lines. I have one request, and I wish Sprint PCS had decided to attend to it before something as useless as texting a fixed line.

Dear Sprint PCS,

Please, could you fix your SMS system so that international SMS works properly? We are not liking this whole paying for a service which does not work reliably 90% of the time.


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Citibank can bite me. I've heard, from friends and relatives about how horrible they are, but I've had an account with them for years and never once have I had a single problem with them.

I sent a payment 8 days ago so it would arrive; I call to check and see if it was credited, and the customer service fellow says no payment has been received.

I ask if that means there will be a late on the account next month, and he says yes. He wasn't going to listen to reason (e.g. I sent the payment an entire day earlier than Citibank insists I need to send it, just like usual).

His response? Sometimes processing takes longer than expected.

My response? We're going to close this account, right now.

Credit card companies are a dime a dozen... when are they going to learn? I get the minor inconvenience of not having a 2% cash back card I pay off at the end of the month and they no longer get over $100. Seems like a bad bargain to me.

Mea culpa. I'm not doing business with Citibank again.


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