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This is why I love the Irish...

And sometimes I think it would be awesome to be the "chief goat catcher" or something like that.

I procured two new books (that I didn't need) today:

Man and His Symbols, Carl Gustav Jung.
Jung and the Lost Gospels, + Stephan A. Hoeller

I procured two books that I didn't really need yesterday (but I like them anyway!):

Lolita, Vladimir Nabokov
The Catholic Church: A Short History, Hans Kung (one of my fav rogue RC priests... he makes Spong look like a pansy).
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Been looking at my expenses for the last couple of months, and I've determined that a good 75% of my money (that's not used for bills and food and things like that) has gone to books.

Therefore, resolution time: no more new books until January. I used to save loads of money by using Half.com and Amazon.com's used book services.

I've gotten into the habit of wanting books right now and I've already got a pile to read, so I don't actually need any more books right now... plus with London in January and the possibility of a trip to NYC in Aug or September...
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Most of my friends cringe when it comes time to procure textbooks for the upcoming term, and I used to join them. One semester, I was lucky enough to notice that Half.com and Amazon.com both trafficked in used textbooks and the prices seemed substantially lower than buying even the used textbooks from the college bookstore.

This semester:
Title: New/Used I Paid
Earth Science: An Individualized Approach $32.00 (only available new). $32.00
Intro to Earch Science Investigation $55.95 (only available new). $55.95
International Relations $78.25/$59.25 $7.99
Intermediate Col. Algebra $103/$77.25 $33.49
Western Humanities v. 2 $76.00/$57.00 $4.79

Had I paid new bookstore prices for everything I would've paid: $345.70
Had I paid used bookstore prices for everything I would've paid: $281.45
What I paid using Half.com and Amazon (incl. shipping): $134.22
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When I saw The Christians as the Romans Saw Them on Amazon I was initially quite thrilled to find a treatment of Pagan views of Christian religion, especially after having read so much Christian polemic and apology with regard to Pagan religion.

The tone of the book is dull, dry, and in many places overly repetitive. However, it does give a decent treatment of Pagan criticism of Christianity and sets out to place Christianity firmly in the context of the Roman world in which it developed. The book begins with a discussion of Pliny and his dealings with early Christians, and then goes on to discuss Christianity as a burial society or social/religious club, comparing and contrasting Christianity with a Bacchic society. Wilken then moves on to discuss the specific criticisms of Galen, Celsus, Porphyry, and Julian the Apostate; If you're already well-versed in, or more than vaguely familiar with, Classical authors criticism of Christianity, you needn't bother with this book.

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After mulling it over for a few weeks, and trying to convince myself I don't need new books, I purchased a few books from Amazon.com.

I bought:

  • The Christians as the Romans Saw Them, by Robert Louis Wilken.
  • TYR Myth - Culture - Tradition, Volume I, edited by Buckley, et al.
  • Nordic Religion in the Viking Age, by Thomas A. Dubios.

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