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The week of WTF... )
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For those of you who happen to be curious, click here to hear the consecration of the gifts in Latin, intoned by yours truly.

The file will open in iTunes.
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I've discovered some stuff...

Proper liturgical kneeling is great for my spine, but not as good on my poor knees.

If you wear a traditional alb, don't forget the amice, because it looks like you're only half dressed (Ambrose, I mean you... not that you'll read this).

Frankincense and Myrrh smells awesome when it's mixed with rose.

A wooden chalice will start to get warm in your hands if you hold it for a while.

The Anaphora is more fun in Latin, because "Hoc est Corpus Meum/ Hoc est Sangui Meum" rolls off the tongue.

Young gothy girls should not wear corsets to midnight mass...
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Saw ye olde GP today. I told him I felt like I was losing some auditory sensitivity and so he takes a look.


Me: Erk. What?

Him: Hmm. I don't think the antibiotics we tried got rid of the infection. You've got some serious scarring and the drum is nearly opaque.

Me: Erk?
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It was one of the first few Masses I presided at after my ordination to the priesthood. The congregation was forming into a queue to receive communion, and as the line started to dwindle a young child practically ran up to me, despite her parents best efforts to keep her in her seat.

I felt a tug on the hem of my chasuble, and then her little voice, "Papa T, Papa T, my Jesus?"
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Been looking at my expenses for the last couple of months, and I've determined that a good 75% of my money (that's not used for bills and food and things like that) has gone to books.

Therefore, resolution time: no more new books until January. I used to save loads of money by using Half.com and Amazon.com's used book services.

I've gotten into the habit of wanting books right now and I've already got a pile to read, so I don't actually need any more books right now... plus with London in January and the possibility of a trip to NYC in Aug or September...

To Do

May. 14th, 2005 11:54 am
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Stuff on the agenda for the coming week:

1. Finish The Ethical Slut.
2. Find out when tai chi classes start in June and sign up.
3. Enquire at the possibility of becoming a volunteer chaplain at the hospital down the road.
4. Pondering finding another 9-5 type job, don't really need it but boredom and extra money and all considered...
5. Make an appointment at the laboratory before my physician slaughters me, thusly alleviating the need to figure out why I've been suddenly wracked with arthritic pain. Replace suddenly for the last few months, but anyhow.
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Not done too much that's terribly exciting over the last few days. I've had some very enjoyable chats with [livejournal.com profile] ebee and caught up with some friends from High School; went to Masquerade in Ybor the other evening and found it wasn't quite so enjoyable revisiting the old haunt (even with the same group of friends), but ah well... citrus-flavoured beverages and a couple hours of general hanging out and socializing made the evening well worth it.

I awoke this morning to find that the back light on both of the LCDs on my mobile was working sporadically, and call quality seems to've been dropping noticeably over the last couple of days. Put in a call to the Sprint PCS tech-support folks, and they informed me that since the phone was out of warranty, and I've had it for over 18 months, it would be cheaper just to buy a new one.

So I went down to the Sprint Store @ Clearwater Mall and perused the collection of phones (determined not to be lured in by the ultra-expensive models with this bell and that whistle-- this time). Ended up with an RL4920 by Sanyo, and I can now also send proper SMS whereas I couldn't before.

While I was waiting on the folks at Sprint to transfer my phone book from the old mobile to the new, I met up with a friend for lunch, and we've both resolved never to consume nachos at Moe's Southwestern Grill ever again.
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This has to be one of the strangest greeting card holiday weekends I've experienced in a couple of years. My mother happens to thoroughly enjoy greeting card holiday, and I naturally procure her a greeting card and some little bauble which then results in "Aw, thank you!" or some variation thereof. And then we usually amble out to breakfast or brunch depending on the time.

Today, however, I spent the day taking a trip down to the county jail. My father is, yet again, in jail on charges of obtaining a prescription by fraud. He has done this sort of thing off and on for most of my life, so it's not that big of a surprise anymore. I've been there before to visit inmates and children of members of my various congregations who've been tossed in Juvenile for a bit, but this was a new experience. I no longer had to amble around the cell block toward a visitation room, rather I went to a building across the street from the cell blocks proper and the visit was conducted by video conference on closed-circuit TV.

It was really quite a different experience. Maybe it's always been that way and I just never knew it because priests got to use the proverbial back entrance when making pastoral visits, but it was new to me.

The End

May. 5th, 2005 05:18 pm
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... of finals week. Thank all the many, assorted, and mottled deities. Not going to do too terribly much travelling this summer (a change from usual)... likely lounge about, read books, go do things, generate revenue, etc. One of my goals for this summer is to get my ass back into shape. I've dealt with some minor surgeries and mostly serious infections in much of 2004 and the first half of this year, which sapped my energy level, interfered with breathing, and all that stuff. While I'm neither corpulent, nor horribly out of shape, I'm not in the same condition I was at the start of '04, either.
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I've been promising an update for a while now, yeah... so here it is. Today marks the culmination of the week prior to final exams, affectionately referred to 'round here simply as "Hell Week." I've already had one final (gotta love the distance learning courses, their flexibility can bite you in the ass).

Here's how the remainder of this week and the beginning of the next are looking...

Tonight - Finish last bit of unfinished business for Western Civ II. Must clean room. I currently have clothes and books interchangably piled up all over, and it makes navigation of said room quite difficult.

Friday - See about procuring shelving for storage of clothing and wall-mounted bookshelving. Possibly try and squeeze in a screening of the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. I need to procure a few items of clothing as well.

Saturday - Revise notes for College Algebra final, review them.

Sunday - Veg. Make a jail visit.

Mon. & Tues. - Review for algebra final.

Weds. - Take algebra final. Review for Geology final.

Thurs. - Take Geology final. (I'll be glad when I can stop playing with these infernal low level undergrad courses, curse the blasted Div licentiate).

Friday - Celebrate the overness of this term. Mull over a summer reading list I still need to finish:

  • In Search of the Indo-Europeans
  • Magic in the Middle Ages
  • Nordic Religions in the Viking Age
  • Viking Age Iceland
  • The Sagas of the Icelanders

    I also need to schedule a time at the lab to get some bloodwork done before my physician skewers me, and I should also check in to beginning Tai Chi at the Taoist centre uptown.
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Why you're getting a Meme instead of a real post )

Meme 1:
Ask me any question (or questions) you like! I will answer then truthfully and candidly! How's that for an offer? Please screen or post as A-wee-nony-mouse if you want to prevent embarrassment to myself or the questioner!

Meme 2:
Ask me if there is an interest listed on my interest list you dont understand/want some explanation of.

Ask me whatever you'd like and don't worry about screening or posting anonymously, because it's pretty difficult to embarass me.
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So... about a year ago I had an arthroscopy done. New doctor insists I need to endure more physical terrorism (aside from the 10 years I've already endured just for having cerebral palsy). So they send a prescription to a local facility. Schedule an appointment at 9AM. I call them and explain to them that A) I do not have a car, so I will not be there at 9AM and B) I cannot do appointments on Tues and Thurs anyhow, because I have prior commitments which consume the majority of those days unless they're open around 10PM.

They cancel the first appointment. A month goes by. I get a voicemail: We've scheduled your new appointment for December 16th at 10:30 AM. Now, being that I have to set four separate reminders for any appointment (Outlook, my mobile, and 2 in my $200 brain replacement), I obviously am not very good at remembering what day it is. I do, however, know that I told the woman not to make appointments on Thursday, and further that she needed to speak to me before setting an appointment.

However, I told woman who answers phone and facility that I could not do appointments on Thursdays anyhow (which she insisted she wrote down in my file), and she calls me and informs me I have one on Thursday anyhow. Of course, by the time I get home to check my messages today they're already closed.

People bother me when they can't follow simple instructions, like "Don't schedule appointments on Thursday, because I wont be there."

*growls and stumbles off to bed*
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Or "A Misanthrope Goes to Target"

So... I finished my last final today, that addled lump of greymatter more gelatinous than usual. Most sensible students would be getting sloshed, but me? I decided to go to Clearwater Mall and do a little Christmas shopping. It was cold and I forgot my jacket, so I bought my usual every winter "I forgot my jacket" warm thing™. As I was perusing the selection at Target (not great thanks to the bout of Christmas shoppers) I heard my mother's shrill, nagging voice in the back of my head every time I came across a black sweater, jacket, or sweatshirt. Apparently black makes me look rather ghastly and far more pallid than I actually am... go figure. I settled on a nice blue-ish hoodie, picked up some new cartridges for my Mach 3 razor, and some miscellaneous X-mas gifts and cards.

All the while I was being jostled by people and bloody little sprogs were hopping around in the aisles twirling around like demoniacs. I shook my head and grumbled about the absence of parents to another shopper as we were both mobbed by a trio of drooling toddlers chanting a mantra of "Candy, candy, candy!"

My shopping done at Target, I step outside and don my new hoodie, feeling all the warmer for it. And then I realize that my hands are frozen. I need gloves, yes, that will fix it. So, I go to Ross and sort through the collection until I find a pair large enough to fit my hands comfortably. At least no one decided they needed to talk to me while I was concentrating on picking out the perfect pair of gloves (which probably do not exist, as I like them skin-tight and warm). And then some woman decides she needs to ram in to my briefcase, which is sitting on the floor by my feet.

I go to the checkout, intending to silently proffer my filthy lucre upon the cashier and leave. However, the cashier smiled and enquired "Cold outside, isn't it?" I thought: Fuck. Conversation... why me? Isn't it obvious as to the whether? I reply "Just a bit. Busy day?" At least I didn't grumble and mutter "Sod off" as was my inclination.

Then I go to Starbucks to procure a gift card for my Grandmother, who chokes down lattes like they're going out of style. The line in Starbucks was outrageous, and then someone decides to dump water all over the floor, narrowly avoiding drenching my poor, battered briefcase.


Nov. 18th, 2004 12:12 pm
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As they don't tend to allow epileptics to drive in most parts of the U.S., I end up arriving on campus an hour or so earlier than I really ought to for a 12:35 PM class, and have to get out of bed several hours before that, so I developed the habit of lingering in the campus library.

This morning I was perusing my Amazon.com wishlist, and thought about buying a couple titles on the list in the Historical Linguistics "category" (I tend to add things in groups related by subject, so I have pseudo-categories). And then, a conversation with myself ocurred:

Head: Justin, where are you right now?
Me: Um... in the library computer lab, why?
Head: If you get up and walk out of this room, what are you going to see?
Me: Books.
Head: Right. What should you do?
Me: Check the catalog to see if they have anything I want, so I don't spent all my money on books.
Head: Bingo.

I didn't end up finding exactly the title I wanted (Historical Linguistics: An Introduction by Lyle Campbell), but I did find a similar title (okay, so it had the exact same title) by another author that covered much of the same information.

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Asatru Code

Nov. 1st, 2004 04:33 pm
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Go me. I got on the bandwagon.

A2 Al4 !Am An4 B4 CPG Co2 D4 E2 F3(4) G4(5=Not really an activist) HNA IHE K3 L3 La1 (Learning a few more languages is on the list) M2 Mn? (I'm familiar with magical practises from several cultures, but I neither practise them nor have practitioners practise on me) N3(w) Na4 Or2 P1 R1 Ru1 S2(h) T3 To3(4) W2
--------END ASATRU CODE BLOCK--------

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