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Col. Algebra final 15:10-17:00

Finalize plans with Nick for clubbing/general mild alcohol induced revelry this weekend.


Geology final 10:10-11:00


Call lab and set up appointment.
Possibly engage in some sort of friend-related social activity.
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I've been promising an update for a while now, yeah... so here it is. Today marks the culmination of the week prior to final exams, affectionately referred to 'round here simply as "Hell Week." I've already had one final (gotta love the distance learning courses, their flexibility can bite you in the ass).

Here's how the remainder of this week and the beginning of the next are looking...

Tonight - Finish last bit of unfinished business for Western Civ II. Must clean room. I currently have clothes and books interchangably piled up all over, and it makes navigation of said room quite difficult.

Friday - See about procuring shelving for storage of clothing and wall-mounted bookshelving. Possibly try and squeeze in a screening of the new Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. I need to procure a few items of clothing as well.

Saturday - Revise notes for College Algebra final, review them.

Sunday - Veg. Make a jail visit.

Mon. & Tues. - Review for algebra final.

Weds. - Take algebra final. Review for Geology final.

Thurs. - Take Geology final. (I'll be glad when I can stop playing with these infernal low level undergrad courses, curse the blasted Div licentiate).

Friday - Celebrate the overness of this term. Mull over a summer reading list I still need to finish:

  • In Search of the Indo-Europeans
  • Magic in the Middle Ages
  • Nordic Religions in the Viking Age
  • Viking Age Iceland
  • The Sagas of the Icelanders

    I also need to schedule a time at the lab to get some bloodwork done before my physician skewers me, and I should also check in to beginning Tai Chi at the Taoist centre uptown.


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