Aug. 4th, 2005 01:08 am
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I want a new pair of Doc Martens, yes I do... they're one of the two manufacturers whose shoes I can wear comfortably. However, I seem to recall that a few years ago production was outsourced to China. At least, I recall several heated conversations with Cait (fondly known as "the Bish") where she implored me not to purchase a pair.

It appears I have a dilemma... smart, comfortable Docs manufactured in China (and thusly support the current "cheaper is better/50 Cent for President of India '08" corporate mentality) or risk getting a pair of trainers like my ill-fated Vans, which now sit in my closet unworn, because after a month they pinched the tops of my feet.

I've no idea where Sketchers are currently manufactured (survey says it's likely some third world country as well), but they're the only other shoe I can wear comfortably. Their semi-casual and formal lines aren't so grand.

I'm also looking for pointy boots with silver buckles... I can't recall who made the last pair I had, but I want another!
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I decided to engage in post disbursment shopping and pick up some thing I've been wanting to obtain for a while. I finally got a SanDisk Cruzer Micro USB memory stick (only 256MB capacity, but that will do for now) so I can easily transport files back and forth between home and campus (after the recent incident with the bus and my laptop impacting rather badly, I've decided I don't want to lug the thing back and forth anymore).

I also picked up the Foreign Service Institute's Mastering German CD/book set. I haven't spoken German since I was five, so I'm hoping this will help me pick it back up this way... seing as my college doesn't offer German courses.

I got a new pair of Sony headphones (seeing as the speakers in my cheap $3.99 grocery store replacement pair sucked) and Jonathan Kirsch's God Against the Gods.

I decided to take a page from [ profile] thecherrywench and start limiting the number of non course related books I read by requiring an available bookmark for each book I want to read (I bought three, we'll see how that goes... gods help me).


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