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The Vatican continues to miss the boat...

This will likely come as no surprise to some of you, but the Vatican is once again looking at homosexuality (and dissent from the Magisterium) in its seminaries with the subtext "this is the cause of our pedophile problem."

I have a problem with this, obviously. Firstly, as a self-respecting Gnostic, tightening the doctrinal thumbscrews isn't going to do anything about the giant hole in the hull of the boat. Secondly, gay men aren't any more likely to be pedophiles (or sexually active after avowed to celibacy) than straight men.

Stop making homosexuality in the priesthood matter and it wont. Some of the best Catholic priests I know are gay... they're neither pedophiles or hiding a boyfriend in the sacristy.

You want to fix your problems? Cut out the culture of secrecy. Stop the coverup. You might want to do something about the deplorable state of your liturgy, too. The Liberal Catholic Church made some very excellent reforms to the Tridentine Missal, and if that's too recent you're welcome to +Arnold Harris Matthew's Old Catholic Missal for ideas.

If you want to play kinky games with seminarians, cool... remember not to flog any areas with delicate bone structures, and pay plenty of attention to the naughty bits, but please start paying attention to the root causes of your problems. Your kerygma may not be irrelevant, but you are. Gay priests aren't your problem, but priests who molest children are.

I'm going to go finish coughing up the remainder of my lungs now.


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