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I'm actually starting to like text messaging....
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All I can say is I don't think my niece will be reading HP7 for a year or two due to a bit of profanity which was really unexpected considering the target audience still young.

My thoughts so far... might be a spoiler... )
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I want two things right now:

1. Marmite on toast with cheddar
2. Red miso soup

I need to visit the Oriental Supermarket for the miso ingredients...

I might have to resort to buying the Marmite online. I can't seem to find it in any stores.

Tax Stuff

Jun. 22nd, 2007 10:59 am
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I've never dealt with withholding before. My parents claimed me on their tax return as a deduction when I started working... they haven't for quite a few years now, but I've never adjusted my deductions on my W4. I currently claim 0. I paid about $165 of my current $877 paycheck in taxes, $101 of that federal income tax withheld.

I have two options:

1. Keep allowing them to deduct the full amount and get an IRS-estimated $1500 return.
2. Claim one deduction on my W-4 and get the extra $100 per pay period.

I'm thinking the biggish tax return will be nice considering I should graduate either in May or during Summer '08 depending on how long I feel like remaining an undergrad, and it will be nice to have that money.

If I did claim the deduction, I would probably take the $100 and put it into an interest bearing savings account every month. It wouldn't equate to much, maybe an extra $75 at the end of the year, but it might be a good idea.
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Just bought a couch, TV stand, and TV from Big Lots for $340 total. The couch was in the clearance section for $199; the TV was $99, and the stand was a whopping $20. It will be nice to have something to sit on, if the delivery driver bothers to show up.
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I first found out about the debacle being referred to as "Strikethrough 2007" from [livejournal.com profile] ebee; I don't monitor many communities that have been affected, so I wasn't aware SixApart/Livejournal had started purging accounts that a third party group thinks may be offensive.

I'm not at all involved in fandoms or writing fictional stories that are likely to be deleted, but I have used this journal in the past to talk about actual child and sexual abuse. Some of the abuse happened to me as a child and some of the abuse I discuss happened to a former parishioner's child. I am, obviously, not advocating that these reprehensible activities continue simply by talking about them or listing them in my interests.

I've also used the journal to network with people who are interested in kinky activities between consensual adults; neither of those things are illegal, nor is listing them in my interests. I'm interested in talking with people who also like BDSM. I'm interested in talking to people who've survived rape and child molestation. Why? Because child molestation, rape, and abuse are all things that have personally affected my life either because I've been abused or been very close to someone who has. I have a right to talk about them without someone who can't even read my journal, because they don't have an account, making a baseless assumption.

SixApart is, in many cases, deleting the journals of users who either use their journals to talk about surviving rape, molestation, child abuse, and consensual activities between adults and thusly treating them like they're soliciting those things. This does little more than vex Livejournal users and showcase the absolute hebetude of SixApart's legal staff.

Having worked with law enforcement and government agencies to deal with child abusers, I do feel compelled to say that the so-called 'Warriors for Innocence' are the worst sort of vigilante organization--an organization whose tactics cause more harm than help. These people aren't Perverted Justice or other reputable 'online policing' groups. Their tactics instead drive actual offenders underground. I'm sure WFI had really great intentions when they went to LJ with their concerns, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I'm personally vexed with LJ/SixApart largely for heeding the advice of a group like WFI, but I'm not the sort to make any rash decisions. SixApart owes the community an explanation and an apology, at least in my opinion. I'm going to let this thing take its course and make a decision afterward. I wont be buying any paid time until SixApart has released a statement, at least. I was going to treat myself to a year of paid time, or possibly a permanent account if I could manage, in June, but we'll see.
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Either the Higher Ed/CSA degree or the Community College teaching MA are the two degrees I'm most strongly considering right now. I think I would find the most fulfillment in the types of careers I could have with these degrees.

1. CC Teaching MA - I enjoy teaching, based on what little experience I have with it, and I'm hoping to use the experience with Dr. Dixon this coming fall to see just how much I enjoy college teaching. I've given several lectures for various professors at SPC, and I enjoy that aspect, but I've never had to grade papers or exams or do any of the various other things instructors do. The CC approach to higher education is very appealing to me. The focus is on teaching; you're not required to publish or perish. Research is something you can do because you genuinely want to do it.

2. Higher Ed/CSA MA/M.Ed - I really enjoy working in residential life, at least on the paraprofessional level, and I'm currently exploring opportunities for more experience in residential life (like the ACUHO-I internship and convincing the RHO director to let me do internship-like things there). I might end up moving more into a counseling/advising role later on if I did this.

I'm also not looking at this as the only career I'm going to have. I could be in either of these fields for as little as 5 years or for my entire career if I decide I enjoy them that much, but both degrees would give me career mobility if I wanted it, and there would always be the option of an Ed.D or a Ph.D if I did decide to get involved with the Research I rat race.
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I have a year and a summer before I need to figure out what I'm doing; less if I consider the fact that I've got to do the GRE or LSAT and get applications off to programs of interest. So, here are the options I've come up with...

1. M.Ed. in College Student Personnel/Higher Ed. Admin - USF, Barry, UNC-G, Vanderbilt, and a bunch of other schools throughout the country offering degrees. Ideally, I'd like to do the degree at USF; it would mean less interruption for Loryn and I wouldn't have to seriously ponder taking a two year break while she finishes her BA.

I think, given my experiences with Student Affairs and Residence Life, I would definitely enjoy the types of jobs the degree would qualify me for, and the salary isn't bad to start out with either, especially in residence life.

2. The J.D. - People have encouraged me to apply to law school for years, but I'm not certain if it's really my thing. I might apply to a few anyhow and see if I get accepted. My temperament seems like it would suit law, providing I did something I enjoyed (on the constitutional/federal/criminal tracks). I couldn't live with myself doing personal injury or insurance. FSU, Stetson, and U. Miami are all decent in-state options. I'd prefer FSU if I decided to go the J.D. route. It's an excellent program at a public university, which is good for tuition. Plus Loryn wouldn't mind an excuse to transfer to FSU anyhow, so it would work out rather well for both of us.

3. M.A. in Community College Teaching - UCF

I've come to the realization that I probably don't want to do the Ph.D thing, at least not with all the politics and research funding hassles, but I do think I'd enjoy teaching college students. UCF has what looks to be a good program, and the courses are mostly offered online; online courses would make it much easier for me to work in St. Pete,given that I'm not likely to medically qualify for a driving license any time soon. Humanities/English would be a decent combination, and CC's seem to hire for those just as much as the math & science types.

4. Masters in Library Science - I'd probably make a decent librarian; I enjoy working in libraries and information strategies are right up my alley. Both USF and FSU have good LIS programs, but I'm not sure how enjoyable it would be for me to be a librarian at this stage. Friends of mine who are librarians think I'd love it, though.

5. M.A. in Anthropology or Folklore or related field - I don't really have the science background, at the moment, to pursue the biological anthropology programs I'm most interested in, and given the severe dyscalculia, I have a very hard time with the math pre-reqs to get into the necessary science courses, so I don't think it's going to happen in the near enough future.

6. The Job - It might involve putting off grad school for a year or two. USF and SPC like to hire BA's for their staff/administrative assistant type positions, and there are other possibilites out there with an anthropology degree. It's not impossible to find a decent job in the area.

Options 1 and 3 combined with some form of option 6 seem like the most suitable. I really want to investigate the CC teaching programs further.
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I don't usually get food cravings that border on compulsions, but I've had an absolutely weird craving for pancakes. I worked until 9AM this morning and feel too knackered to deal with making them from scratch, so I bought Aunt Jemima frozen cakes and Ms. Buttworth syrup... yum.

I've also been on a rice kick lately.
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Boxed matzo ball soup can actually taste good if fresh carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and mushrooms are added to the broth. Who knew?
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Memeage )

Back to St. Petersburg on Tuesday afternoon, which means I'll be doing my best to relax and enjoy the last few days of winter holiday amidst packing and laundering and preparing for new job responsibilities.
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Midterms went much better than expected. I rushed my Anthropology of Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion essay but I received 89.5 points out of a possible 100. I ruined my streak of perfect scores on my Anthropological Lingustics essays and received a 135 out of a possible 150, but that still leaves me with a 96.7 average in the course.

Between work, academic commitments, and miscellaneous commitments, I haven't had much time to LJ.
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I'm about 75% packed; I still have a few course texts and miscellaneous things to find boxes for, as well as a load or two of laundry, but it's very nearly out of the way. I should not have put my Social Security card in a safe place that was not my wallet, because I no longer remember where I might have put it; I've got to go request a replacement tomorrow.

I still need to get a haircut, buy a few miscellaneous toiletries (toothbrush, toothpase), cancel the fax and the VOIP service, and figure out if I want to keep Netflix.
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I think most of today can be summed up in one word: urgh. I woke up at 7:30 with the intention of getting in the shower and leaving the house at 8:15 so I could go pay a visit to the FA folks at Uni. I overslept by an hour--wasn't a big deal. I left at 10:15, and spent the next 3.5 hours on Pinellas County's lovely mass transit system.

I arrived and found that the paperwork I needed to sign consisted of me scribbling a few sentences about how I'd like my budget re-allocated (loans are bad, mmmkay) and being done. I spent 3.5 hours, because someone insisted I absolutely had to go down there myself... this is why I have a bloody fax, mmkay? On a more positive note, I got acclimated to the new campus tavern/pub... it's actually run by a semi-toothless Irish fellow and they serve mostly locally brewed beers. I had a Dunedin Red Head with my sandwich and was content.

I then bimbled over to the bookstore to make sure I had ordered the right edition of my texts online for loads cheaper, and I had.

I got home and found that Dell finally returned my old laptop too me, so I will not be computerless until my new one arrives. That's squeetastic. However, it did slip my mind that they replaced the motherboard, and thusly the BIOS clock was out of date (which meant my system clock was thusly out of date), and I synched my palm pilot without realizing it. Whoops. Luckily I reset the clock to the right date and things were fine.

However, I've spent over 5 hours on mass transit today, and I'm knackered.
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My laptop is, once again, turning itself off at random. The motherboard wasn't replaced like it was supposed to be when I sent it in last week, so it's going off to Dell again tomorrow or Tuesday. I don't know how much internet access I'll have in the interim.

Just in case those of you who don't normally read LJ are wondering why I've been non-existent for the last few weeks, this is why.

And no, Ali, I can't respond to your texts if you keep using that bloody website to send them. Get a proper mobile phone like a normal person.
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My day consisted of getting up before noon to take my cat to the Vet; I had to euthanize the cat. I did not plan to have to do that, but I did.

As I'm in the middle of a move, there are no plans to acquire a replacement Mr. Cat in the near future. I don't anthropomorphize my pets, so I'm not having significant emotional issues. People around me are amazed by this. I liked Mr. Cat. I'm sad Mr. Cat is no longer here to type for me when I can't be bothered or to annoy me in the early hours of the morning because he wants breakfast immediately, but Mr. Cat is not on the same level as a family member or loved one.

Pandora, formerly known as The Other Cat, is deleriously happy. She seems to have realized that she no longer has competition and proceeded to tell me this by doing something she hasn't ever done before and sitting on my lap.

I'm slightly cranky, because it cost me more to euthanize Mr. Cat than it would have if I needed to start treating him for a kidney infection (which is what I thought he had).

On the other hand, I found a dozen spiral bound notebooks for $.25 each (compared to $1.99-2.99); I now have my notetaking material needs covered for at least this term, if not a few months of Spring.


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